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Many people of all age groups are annoyed or plagued by unwanted hair. Fortunately, with advances in laser technology, unwanted hair has become a thing of the past for many.

Unwanted hair can involve any area of the body and will be different for each individual. In most cases, unwanted hair is in fact normal hair growth that is personally or socially unacceptable. Physiologic factors involved include genetics, gender and age. Other influences include the use of medication, medical disorders or abnormalities. Socially unacceptable hair growth is heightened often by fashion trends or lifestyle choices. Regardless of your reasons, at our medical laser centre Dr Joanna Day will address your concerns and needs during your private consultation and your suitability for laser hair removal will be assessed.

In general hair that is coarse and dark is most suitable for laser hair removal. However brown or medium dark hair is also targeted by our laser. Fine facial or body hair (vellus hair, "peach fuzz"), grey or light blonde hair is not usually suitable. At your consultation your skin colour will be assessed and an appropriate laser treatment planned whether your skin be fair, medium, olive or darker. At our dermatology laser centre treatments are delayed if you are sun-tanned, we simply wait for your tan to fade before performing a treatment as this will provide you with the best results possible. Following your treatment you may tan if you wish. Almost any area of the body can be suitable for laser hair removal although we do not shape eyebrows. Common areas of treatment in women include the face, neck, jawline, chin, upper lip, bikini area, breasts, abdomen, axillae (arm pits), arms and legs while in men the chest and back are frequently treated. At our clinic we do not treat children or adolescent teens with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is undertaken in suitable individuals using our state-of-the-art LightSheer Diode Laser, the gold standard in laser hair removal treatments. Dr Joanna Day and her highly trained staff of registered nurses have well over a decade of experience performing laser hair removal which leads to permanent hair reduction over time. Laser hair removal provides the most efficient form of long term hair removal available and at our clinic efficacy, privacy, patient comfort and safety are paramount. We consider laser hair removal to be a medical procedure requiring a treatment plan and best undertaken in a clinic with active, knowledgeable and experienced physician involvement and only after a thorough consultation as it is crucial that both clinic/physician and patient expectations are discussed. Our before and after unaltered photographs demonstrate the possibilities!