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Wrinkled skin is associated correctly or not with being old. Wrinkles may be categorized as either static (persistent, permanent) or dynamic (expression related). Dynamic facial wrinkles occur due to movement or muscle activity in the affected area whereas static wrinkles gradually develop over time due to a combination of factors including age, genetics, sun damage, chronic movement patterns and lifestyle choices (smoking).

Dynamic wrinkles will improve by reducing the muscle activity in the affected area, an effect which can be achieved in some regions of the face through the appropriate administration of Botox. Static wrinkles persist and are not improved by reduced muscle activity, an example of which are unwanted vertical wrinkles above the lip ("smoker's lines"). Treatment options are several and are dependent upon factors including location of wrinkles, type of wrinkles (static, dynamic), severity of wrinkles, age and treatment expectations. Appropriate treatment by an expert can provide dramatic or subtle pleasing improvement.

As a medical dermatologist with years of experience Dr Joanna Day realizes the importance of consulting with you and examining your skin prior to making recommendations. Dr Day also realizes the desire most individuals have to improve or reduce wrinkles as they may unfairly add years to the appearance of skin. A variety of treatments are possible.

Following your private consultation with Dr Joanna Day options will be discussed and may include choices such as the use of a filler, Botox treatment or laser skin resurfacing and in certain instances combination treatment may provide superior results. Preventative measures, skin care and skin protection will further assist in providing you with the optimal results you can expect from Dr Joanna Day as a leading dermatologist.