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Sagging of the lower face (commonly know as jowls) and/or loose or thin skin of the neck are two of the most disliked effects of aging. As we grow older our skin becomes thinner and less radiant with loss of elastic tissue and collagen. The effect of gravity allows skin and tissue to sag downwards from the face towards the chin, lower face and surrounding neck. Other contributing factors include reduction of muscle mass, sun exposure, smoking, genetics and even diet. Until recently, invasive plastic surgery was the only effective method to reduce the effects of jowls...

Dr. Joanna Day is one of the first specialists in Canada to offer the non-surgical face lift procedure by Thermage called ThermaLift. This is the same skin-tightening procedure that was recently featured on Oprah and Good Morning America. When carried out with the expertise of Dr. Day, this procedure offers pleasing results without the downtime of a surgical face lift. Dr. Day's ThermLift patients frequently state that their skin not only looks tight but feels tighter (see testimonials).

Recommended treatments: Thermage (see our photos). Reduction of jowls, improvement of jaw-line definition, tightening under the chin and neck are goals of treatment. Individuals of all ages may consider this procedure. Only a single treatment is required, however, the procedure may be repeated again in the future. Trust your skin to Dr. Joanna Day, whose experience as a dermatologist will provide you with superior skin health care. Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Day.