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The brow is considered the area of skin above the eyes which is susceptible to loosening, sagging and wrinkling as we age. Facial expression such as raising the eyebrows excessively contributes to horizontal forehead lines or wrinkles. We generally interpret loose brow skin as a sign of looking tired, angry or aged. Lowering of the brow tends to produce or increase increase folds of the upper eyelids. Normal aging, sun exposure, genetics and possibly other factors all contribute to the exaggerated looseness of skin around the brow.

The term brow lift is used to describe the process of lifting or tightening forehead skin. This will achieve elevation of the brow and relative lifting or tightening of the upper eyelid skin.

Until recently a brow lift was only achievable through invasive plastic surgery. However Dr. Joanna Day now offers a brow lift by Thermage (ThermaLift procedure) and a Botox brow lift. The ThermaLift brow lift tightens the skin above the eyes by the firming effect of radio frequency on one's own collagen whereas the Botox brow lift is produced by strategically relaxing appropriate muscles that are involuntarily pulling the brow downwards. A ThermaLift brow lift tightens and lifts. A Botox brow lift lifts the brow and reduces or eliminates certain targeted wrinkles. Individuals require expert evaluation in order to determine the appropriate procedure. In some instances a combination treatment will provide superior results.

Caution: Both of these treatments are highly dependant on physician skill and experience. As a dermatologist Dr. Joanna Day provides you with a superior level of knowledge and experience. At your consultation your skin will be assessed by Dr. Day and recommendations will be made based on which treatments will provide the most effective results for you.

Recommended treatments: Botox brow lift (see our photos) and Thermage/ThermaLift brow lift. To book an appointment with Dr Joanna Day, please contact us.