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Crow's feet are lines (wrinkles) on the face that radiate outwards from the corners of the eyes. They are caused by the many factors normally responsible for the wrinkling of skin including sun exposure, genetic factors and natural aging. However, repeated facial movement or expression such as laughing, smiling, or squinting contributes to the development of more noticeable, deeper or more permanent wrinkles.

For many people crows feet may seem unavoidable. Fortunately, Dr. Joanna Day's treatment strategies for crow's feet have shown to be extremely effective for the reduction of existing wrinkles and the prevention of future ones. Depending on your skin and your goals, Dr. Day may suggest a well-focused Botox treatment which will provide gentle relaxation of appropriate muscles in the crow's feet area.

The final result will provide a reduction of wrinkles while maintaining a very natural, fresh and rested appearance. Some individuals may benefit from the additional use of a filler such as Restylane or Collagen, however, Botox treatments alone will suprisingly provide spectacular and natural results! As an experienced injector of Botox, Dr. Day's personalized treatments will provide the desired result you deserve.

Recommended treatments: Botox (see our photos) with additional Restylane/Collagen for advanced cases. Dr. Joanna Day's superior knowledge of dermatology can also help direct you in maintaining a "wrinkle-reduced lifestyle". For more information or to book a consultation please contact Dr. Day.