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Dr. Joanna Day
Dermatology & Laser Centre
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Most people prefer not to have large noticeable pores and desire the tone and texture that more youthful skin portrays. Pore size is genetically determined yet may become more noticeable with age as the support structure to our skin diminishes. Tone is the lucency of young healthy skin and imparts a radiant quality whereas texture generally refers to the uniformity or smoothness of skin.

Following your consultation with Dr Day and depending upon your needs and desires, IPL photorejuvenation may be recommended. IPL photorejuvenation is a series of non-invasive gentle treatments where a special light source is passed over your skin and requires no down time or recovery.

IPL photorejuvenation will secondarily tighten pores through collagen stimulation. Our experience performing IPL photorejuvenation has also demonstrated significant improvement in both the tone and texture of skin. Dr Day may recommend adjunct topical products to best maintain results after a series of IPL photorejuventaion treatments. We are well aware that not all IPL treatments are equal and success is both technique and equipment dependent.

Other procedures performed in our clinic have been shown to visibly improve the quality of skin. MicroLaserPeel improves both tone and texture and also address pigmentation irregularities. ThermaLift tightens pores and improves the appearance of skin during the process of collagen tightening. Laser skin resurfacing tightens pores secondarily to wrinkle eradication. Photodynamic therapy including ALA/IPL , ALA/Blu-U or ALA/IPL/Blu-U treatments can provide significant improvement of both tone and texture.

Your best options will be discussed with you in full at your consultation with Dr Joanna Day. We encourage you to see our before and after photos to discover the potential.