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Blu-U light is used to treat acne and Blu-U combined with topical medication (photodynamic therapy or PDT) is used to treat both acne and sun damaged skin.

If you suffer from acne, Blu-U (Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy) is a new treatment offered by Dr. Joanna Day that does not depend on medication. It is a special light that can kill the acne bacteria (P. acnes) in your skin. Treatments are simple, painless and safe. Usually a 15 minute session twice a week for six weeks will significantly improve your acne. Dr Day will set up a schedule for you based on your needs.

A combination of Blu-U and PDT (photodynamic) treatments may also be considered. For persistent blemishes or more severe acne a topical medicine compound called Levulan is applied prior to exposure to a Blu-U light. The light activates the compound which attacks the acne bacteria. Usually 3 treatments are scheduled at intervals of 4 weeks. Most individuals experience long term improvement following Blu-U/PDT treatments making this choice an appealing alternative to internal medications. Blu-U light treatment often works when pills, scrubs, peels and topical products have failed.

Photodynamic treatments provide effective therapy of sun damaged skin and ca n effectively reduce and treat various actinic keratoses, "sun spots" or other lesions. The treatment is both therapeutic and preventative. Following an evaluation of your skin by Dr Day a schedule can be determined that best suits your medical require ments and life style. Minimal downtime is required and the treatment can be undertaken even if your skin is suntanned. PDT will as sist in maintaining or regaining healthy skin and will also lead to a smoother rejuvenated appearance.

The diagram below demonstrates how the Blu-U light procedure works to kill and destroy the P. Acnes bacteria that cause acne.


Blu-U Therapy

P. Acnes absent
It is incredibly important that a dermatologist performs this treatment. Dr. Joanna Day's skill and experience makes a difference. We have seen cases where inexperienced "practitionners" have caused permanent damage due to carelessness and inexperience.

BEFORE             AFTER 

BEFORE             AFTER 

BEFORE             AFTER