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"Pre skin cancer" is a term that loosely describes common skin lesions caused by sun exposure. They have an increased risk developing into skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma (which can be fatal if not treated early). Common forms of pre skin cancers include:

  • solar (actinic) keratoses
  • rough, red, scaly spots
  • certain moles and freckles
  • "sun spots"

Examination by a dermatologist is important in order to detect and treat solar keratoses thus preventing or minimizing the risk of developing skin cancer. As an experienced dermatologist Dr. Day will perform a thorough examination of your skin and will advise appropriate treatment if required. Any suspect lesions will be tested by performing a simple painless office procedure (skin biopsy) thus ensuring an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

If you suspect you have skin cancer you must see a dermatologist as soon as possible. As with all forms of cancer, early diagnosis is extremely important in lowering the risk of a potentially hazardous malignant lesion. Unfortunately we are unable to diagnose your skin concerns over the phone or by email. It is necessary to book an appointment with Dr Joanna Day which can easily be done by contacting us. You may benefit from a Dermatologist Plus examination which is full skin screening.

There is no single recommneded treatment for preskin cancers, however, Dr. Day may recommend cryotherapy and/or photodynamic therapy. Photodynamic therapy has the added effect of reducing red and brown pigmentation. If you are concerned about your skin health, please contact us.