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Pefect full lips have long been a sign of youth and health. As we age our lips tend to atrophy (become thinner) and involute (loose volume) causing a pursed, thinner and unfriendly appearance. Diminution of lips leads to loss of definition of the lip border and a flattened contour. The development of upper and lower lip wrinkles further impair definition of the lip border and ofter cause "bleeding" of lipstick. Other factors such as the normal aging process, sun exposure, genetics, lifestyle (smoking) and pursing of the lips while talking may contribute to more advanced wrinkles and loss of definition of the lip. Many individuals will benefit from treatment leading to enhancement and/or improved definition of the lip.

Lip enhancement is for patients wanting to improve:
  1. Lip border (defining contours, restoring original lip definition, erasing wrinkles at the lip border, reducing/eliminating lipstick bleeding)
  2. Lip size (lip augmentation providing increased volume of upper and/or lower lips, improving lip symmetry and balance if required, restoring a more youthful lip)
Dr. Joanna Day recommends fillers such as Restylane primarily because they require virtually no downtime, are safe, long-lasting but not permanent and produce very pleasing, natural results without the need for surgery. Treatment is painless and can be done during a lunch hour. Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a personalized treatment requiring assessment and consideration of an individuals needs and desires.

Dr Day is committed to providing appropriate results to her patients and is one of the most experienced injectors of fillers (Restylane) in North America. Dr Day has produced spectacular results for countless individuals wishing to restore and enhance the appearance of their lips. Many local and international models, actors and high profile figures have also enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Joanna Day's expertise.

Caution: We have seen cases where other "providers" have caused severe damage to the lips or "over-enhancement".

Recommended treatments: Restylane/Collagen (see our photos). As a reputed dermatologist Dr. Joanna Day can provide you with the highest standard of expert care. Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Day.