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Acne (also known as acne vulgaris, pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads) is a common skin problem especially in teenagers but also in adults. Acne is usually seen on the face but may also occur on the chest and back. It is an inflammatory disease of the hair follicle/oil gland (pilosebaceous unit) and occurs when oils (sebum) are produced by active sebaceous glands especially during puberty under the influence of increased hormone levels.

The presence of bacteria, especially propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) leads to the development of blackheads and/or whiteheads (comedones), inflamed bumps, pustules or cysts. There is often a genetic predisposition to develop acne. Other factors such as diet, sweating, stress, occupation and UV exposure may influence acne in some individuals but are not well documented by research.

Aside from the obvious inflammation the side effects of acne can be significant and include:
  1. acne scarring (which may become more prominent in adults who once had moderate to severe acne at an earlier age)
  2. psychological effect (reduced self esteem especially in young adults and teenagers)
The effective treatment of acne requires a thorough examination and history undertaken by a dermatologist. Treatment to ensure prompt improvement leading to long term remission will minimize scarring and improve self esteem. Acne is a disorder deserving of expert care and attention. Acne is treatable and scarring is preventable. Acne does not necessarily "burn out". Early intervention is advised.

Dr. Joanna Day offers proven medical treatments to clear your acne. One of the most modern therapies, Blu-U light therapy is an effective and non-invasive acne treatment that kills the P. acnes bacteria. The treatment often works where pills, scrubs, peels and topical products have failed. Blu-U therapy combined with the application of a topical prescription medication (photodynamic treatment) targets sebaceous glands and bacteria and provides the most effective, safe, non-systemic treatment ever available and is suitable for all ages.

Recommended treatments: Dermatology consultation and photodynamic Blu-U light treatments (see our photos). As a dermatologist with over twenty years experience treating acne Dr. Day uses her specialist background to tailor an acne treatment plan suited to your skin and lifestyle. For more information or to book a consultation please contact Dr. Day.