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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Would ThermaLift / Thermage treatment benefit me?
  2. How does ThermaLift work?
  3. How does my skin change?
  4. Is ThermaLift by Thermage safe?
  5. Why should I see Dr Day if I am interested in a non-surgical facelift?
  6. What equipment is used to perform ThermaLift?
  7. How many ThermaLift treatments are required?
  8. How long does the ThermaLift procedure take?
  9. Is the ThermaLift procedure painful?
  10. When will treatment results be noticed?
  11. What will my skin look like after the ThermaLift procedure is completed?
  12. How much does a ThermaLift procedure cost?
  13. Are there any side effects?
  14. Can ThermaLift be undertaken in the summertime?
  15. How do I schedule a ThermaLift procedure?

ThermaLift technology was developed to help the signs of aging skin. It is currently used to treat wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, lower face and neck. ThermaLift is an FDA appoved treatment of acne and acne scarring. ThermaLift treatment provides the non-surgical brow-lift or non-sugical face lift. An assessment of your face will be made at your initial consulting with Dr Day and recommendations made.

ThermaLift - or thermoplastic contouring utilizes computer controlled radio frequency energy. The procedure causes collagen contraction and tightening without damaging the skin (epidermis) thus providing a non-surgical "face lift".

Approximately four months after the ThermaLift treatment there is new and improved collagen in the dermis of your skin. This is demonstrated in the micrograph below (see photo).

Yes, the ThermaCool TC (TM) system by Thermage has FDA clearance in the United States. This was preceded earlier by Canadian HPB approval for non-surgical brow lift and non-surgical tightening of periorbital and facial tissue, including wrinkles. As Dr Day has outstanding experience and skill in the treatment of skin, a thorough evaluation will be undertaken to ensure premium results, should a ThermaLift procedure be recommended.

Dr Day is one of North America's premiere dermatologists with extensive experience and skill. She has dedicated her career to the pursuit of excellence in dermatology. As ThermaLift is a treatment of your skin, a qualified and trusted skin specialist (dermatologist) is best suited to direct and plan your treatment. In the United States ThermaLift technology may only be undertaken by doctors who are specialists.

The ThermaCool TC (TM) system by Thermage is a radio frequency device especially designed for the medical tightening of tissue. This system is utilized in Dr Day's office and is FDA approved in the United States and HPB approved in Canada. Dr Day and her professional team of registered nurses are experienced in the use of this system.

Generally, only one treatment is required. However, studies are underway to evaluate whether repeat treatments may be beneficial. At this time, a single treatment only is recommended to a specific area of the face.

The treatment session is performed in less than one hour.

You will experience a brief hot sensation followed by a brief cool sensation each time the radio frequency energy is pulsed. A topical cooling gel will be applied to your skin intermittently throughout your procedure for your comfort. Dr Day and her staff always consider your comfort and safety a top priority.

In some individuals initial tightening may be evident within the first few weeks. Long term improvement generally occurs within three to six months. In clinical studies, most individuals demonstrated significant improvement of wrinkle severity with progressive improvements up to six months after a single treatment. Dr Day will monitor your progress using in house proprietary medical imaging.

Your skin will essentially look "normal". There may be minimal redness for a short time. Make-up may be applied after your treatment if desired. Normal activities may be resumed as there is no "down-time". Special care of the skin after ThermaLift is not required.

The cost of treatment will be discussed at your initial consultation with Dr Day. Cost may vary depending on the extent of the procedure performed.

ThermaLift is a safe procedure with very few side effects. Slight redness of the skin may occur and is usually short lived. A burn to the skin is very uncommon. Dr Day directs your treatment for best results and minimal risk of side effects.

ThermaLift can be undertaken at any time of the year. Tanned skin can be treated and normal outdoor activities resumed following a ThermaLift procedure. Dr Day will advise you regarding the use of sunscreen.

Simply call the office of Dr Day (604-925-9798) to schedule a consultation. A ThermaLift procedure can be scheduled after your consultation with Dr Day.


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