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There is a new treatment approved for use in North America called Photodyanmic Therapy (PDT). PDT is a non-invasive treatment and works in conjunction with light or laser sources. PDT provides a remarkable advance in the treatment of sun damaged skin, precancerous spots, rosacea and acne. PDT therapy can often eradicate sun spots that could become skin cancer.

PDT is used in our clinic to supplement and enhance IPL and/or Blu-U treatments. Dr Day will assess your skin and make appropriate recommendations. PDT may be used to boost IPL photorejuvenation therapy thus improving skin tone and texture, reduce pore size and significantly improve the red and brown discoloration of skin from sun damage or flushing. PDT may be recommended to treat rosacea, sun damage or acne. A program will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

What's the difference between IPL, Blu-U and photodynamic therapy (PDT)?
IPL photorejuvenation and Blu-U are two treatments which use a source of light to treat skin. Photodynamic therapy is combination of one of these above treatments with a topically applied solution (Levulan). The solution enhances the effects of IPL photorejuvenation and Blu-U treatments.

Which combination is right for me?
Dr. Joanna Day will recommend what's best for your skin after assessing your skin in a consultation.


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